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Bob DuCharme


Very useful weblog. Here's my question about UIMA use:
Considering how few UIMA components are listed at the CMU repository (13, with 11 from one guy and 2 from another), I'm curious about where I can find more components listed, whether for free or for sale. For your case studies, what's a typical breakdown of home-grown vs. open source vs. IBM-purchased vs. elsewhere-purchased components?

According to http://www.intelligententerprise.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=177105271&pgno=2: "15 vendors, including Attensity, ClearForest, Cognos, Inxight, NStein and Siderean, have agreed to make their search tools UIMA-compliant." Is a complete list of the vendors available somewhere, and does it indicate which will sell UIMA components à la carte? I imagine that these vendors are more interested in selling a "complete" solution, as they say in the business.



Marc Andrews

As you could probably tell, the CMU repository is fairly new and immature. We are actually now working with them to "beef up" the catalog and start getting more people to list their annotators there. There are actually a lot of UIMA compliant components out there, but we haven't done as great a job of making this information easily accessible. We initially thought about putting together a catalog of UIMA compliant components ourselves, but decided to defer this to CMU so that it wasn't seen as too IBM biased.

In fact, many of the companies referenced in the article you listed, and in our initial press release, now have UIMA compliant components available - although most are for purchase. For example, Attensity, ClearForest, nStein, SPSS and Temis already have UIMA compliant annotators AND have made their core engines UIMA compliant. I believe Inxight has done the same, but have not had a chance to verify this. And yes, these vendors typically are trying to sell their entire platforms. Some of them have fairly good tooling for creating your own annotators, or have good "base annotators" that can be customized. That's where I believe their real value is. IBM has been working with some of them to create specific solutions, combined with other IBM software, where we are really leveraging them for these two areas.

IBM Research also has several annotators and other related UIMA components. The examples I mentioned are a fairly broad mix. One of the companies is using OmniFind as the base "unstructured content processing" platform, with ClearForest for the text analytics/extractions, and Cognos for reporting on the analysis results. Two of the examples I have discussed are using mostly IBM Research technology. If you look back at my previous set of examples (Part 1), some of those companies were developing a lot of their own annotators on top of the UIMA framework, and one had IBM's consulting organization come in and build a set of custom annotators, leveraging some IBM Research technology as a base.

I hope this answers some of your questions. I'll keep pressuring people to get their annotators posted so that people can more easily get a list of all that is available.

Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!


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I'm curious about where I can find more components listed, whether for free or for sale. For your case studies, what's a typical breakdown of home-grown vs. open source vs. IBM-purchased vs. elsewhere-purchased components?



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